“Suhagraat se pehle doodh pee lena”
“Finally shaadi ke baad virginity ka vrat tootega”
‘Fluttering flowers, dancing cars, crashing sea waves and many more…’
Most of us have heard of these crazy sex innuendos in Bollywood movies. Despite sharing birthplace with the Kamasutra – the sacred book of sexual education & eroticism - we as a society have been shrouded in all sorts of insane conjectures related to intimacy and sex. From curious giggling upon hearing the ‘S’ word to getting advised “save yourself for marriage”, we have seen it all (or have we really?!).
To put things in perspective, here are some shocking facts:

50 % of males in India suffer from impotence, yet no one talks about it
70% of women in India do not orgasm every time they have sex
80% of men aged between 20 and 24 do not use a contraceptive

Welcome to AMIO - Where Intimacy Meets Wellness!
At AMIO, we aim to break free from the shackles of sexual taboo that have been deeply engrained in our society since ages and reconnect with the subject with a whole new outlook.
We want to make intimacy fun, fulfilling & guide you on your intimate journey. AMIO isn’t just about products - we also want to create a supportive community where you can explore, learn, and connect. No matter what you seek, be it educational resources, expert advice, or a safe space to share experiences, AMIO is your friend in need! 

Our Story

Amio was born when I met Karan – my fiancé then and spouse and business partner now. His deep expertise with pharmaceuticals and interactions with doctors pan-India over the course of his career led him to realise a profound gap in the realm of intimate care. With a shared resolute passion for elevating the wellness industry, we birthed our brainchild – AMIO, a brand redefining holistic wellness. 

While we initiated our journey in 2021 with a comprehensive focus on skincare, haircare, and intimate care, within a few months of operation, we recognized that intimate wellness was the true path that resonated with our purpose. After serving and interacting with over 5,000 customers pan-India over the course of our business, we were even more confident that the intimate wellness market had matured enough to accept our vision. We had gained the insights & knowledge to expand our wings in this category & bring our customers a one-stop shop for all their intimate needs.
Evolving from our initial holistic approach encompassing skin, hair, and intimate care, AMIO is now relaunched as a one-stop-shop for all intimate needs regardless of age or gender.
Our curated collection caters to diverse needs and preferences. From pleasure-enhancing toys to natural lubricants, intimate hygiene products to sensual massage oils, we prioritise quality, safety, and inclusivity. Partnering with trusted brands and experts, we ensure our products meet high standards while promoting sexual well-being for all.
Join us on this empowering journey of self-discovery, where intimacy and wellness intertwine and every individual finds peace in their pursuit of pleasure and self-care.
Together, let's enter a new era of intimate well-being with AMIO!
Our vision is to create a safe space, an environment where individuals feel comfortable asking questions and exploring the best products that cater to their eccentric desires without judgement. At AMIO, we pledge to provide quality, transparency, and an unmatched selection.

Our ambition is to create a one-stop destination for all your intimate needs. AMIO offers a collection of sexual wellness products that are curated with the intention of making AMIO your friend, philosopher and guide in this journey of sex life.
With a commitment to values of openness, inclusivity, and authenticity,
AMIO is a space where everyone feels comfortable and empowered to explore and embrace their sexual well-being.
Join us and make the most of your intimate moments with AMIO.


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